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What is Modified Bitumen?
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What Is Modified Bitumen?

Modified Bitumen is a highly durable flat roof application that will stand up against out tough Canadian Climate.

Standard roofing asphalt loses some of its elasticity and strength during its manufacturing and distillation processes.

Modified compounds such as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) are added to replace these inadvertent losses, and drastically increases the product’s flexibility, and allows for higher expansion and contraction capabilities.

This now strengthened bitumen is added to a fiberglass backing product, which increases the membrane’s strength and durability.

After laying down protecto-board (a fire-retardant asphalt coated fiberglass mat) a base sheet, followed by a cap sheet of our modified bitumen product are rolled out and heat-welded, creating a seamless covering that is weather resistant, highly durable, and easy to repair and maintain.

The Process – No stock photos here!

Step 1:

Drain The Swamp

Usually, most older flat roofs we encounter have drains that are too high, or have no drains at all!

Step 2:

Strip The Roof

Removal of all the material to get to the wood/steel/concrete decking.

Step 3:

Roof Over Roof Over Roof

It is very common with multiple owners that we find multiple roofs over the years with water trapped in between.

Step 4:

Deck Boards

In older buildings, it will look like this once swept, clean and ready to go… or a set-up where the old decking was replaced with new Plywood.

Step 5:

Kant Strips

These handy triangular fiberboard pieces are designed so there is a smooth flow of water coming down so no breaks in membrane.

Step 6:


Pick your thickness of Insulation. Custom sizes and tapered insulation available for specialty drains.

Step 7:

Insulation Install

Can be mechanically fastened with screws or with Foam Adhesive (DuoTack).

Step 8:


This goes on top of the Insulation to create a smooth layer that is fire retardant and ready to be Torched! Our 1st layer.

Step 9:

Base Sheet

This is where we create our second layer by torching a 3MM Base sheet to create a waterproof seal.

Step 10:

Custom Recessed Drain Pan

This type of drain is done with a new copper cylo drain installed with varied thickness of insulation.

Step 11:

Flat Copper Drain

This is a different setup where we replaced a plastic drain with a flat copper drain as this area was already recessed.

Step 12:

Final Layer Of Our System

This is where we Torch our 4MM Cap sheet onto the basesheet to create a layer that is amost a Centimeter thick!

Final Product:

Walkable & Animal Proof

Our Product is perfect for small to large setups that require a bulletproof solution.

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